Music On, world off

Everyone has songs that remind them of something or someone. They remind us of good things, bad things and all the bits in-between.

I don’t trust anyone that says they don’t like music, they’re just plain weird if you ask me.

My ex use to say that he “didn’t believe in live music” like it was a mythical creature or something, he never use to listen to the radio in the car and use to moan when I had my music on. Odd. Just odd. (One of the many reasons he’s an ex.)

The dogs love music, well they haven’t told me otherwise so Im assuming they do. which is great because its always on in my house. There are several great things about about living on your own and one if is having your music on very loud while you dance around the house in your underwear and there is no one around to moan at you for your awful performance. Honestly, if you ever see my in the queue for x-factor I’m either very very drunk or need sectioning. I even had voice lessons when I was younger they didn’t work!!

I’m a huge fan of Car karaoke, nothing like belting out a blinder while your in traffic to reduce boredom and road rage. I use to own a convertible mini, now if you’re familiar with mini’s you’ll know that their roofs are canvas and not known for their sound proof capabilities (when it rained it was like being in tent) so I use to wonder why I got loads of funny looks at traffic lights and in traffic jams when I was doing my best impressions of Whitney or Mariah. One day my friend pointed it out the lack of sound proofing when we had the roof down and we were singing along to some cheesy pop song! didn’t stop me though, still carried on doing it, slightly more aware people could hear me so I had to make more of an effort then to be in tune!

As I cant sing or dance I learnt to read music and play instruments. I’ve played the guitar, keyboard, tin whistle, recorder, violin and ukulele. I started playing the violin little bit in school but it was to hard, so I did what every 14 year old who isn’t good at something straight away and stopped! Several years later while watching BGT I saw Escala (the female quartet) and thought ‘of fudge that could have been’ me if Id of not given up after the 3 weeks in secondary school. So I decided I wanted to learn how to play it with the hope of being BGT next big thing. Ahh pipe dreams. Best I managed was getting my grade 4 after about 3 years.

I’ve recently started to play my violin again after a few years of not playing. the dogs do not like it, (I’m pretty sure that the whining and barking when I play isn’t them approving) and I’m also pretty certain my neighbour is glad she’s deaf, if she’s not she’ll want to be. I do love the sound of the violin (unless I’m playing it) It just sounds so beautiful. I did at one point think it was my violin that was the problem so I bought a new one and went took lessons. When my teacher played it I was in awe and I quickly learnt that the problem wasn’t the violin. The problem was me. Haven’t quit yet and apparently practice makes perfect. I’ve decided that by the end of the year I will have a piano and be able to play that too so BGT 2019 watch this space…… oh look a pig flying.

As I said at the start everyone has songs that remind them of things and here are a few of mine

Anything by Sean Paul –  my bestie

You’re not nineteen forever, The Courteeners – Friars Court and a boy

Mardy Bum, Artic Monkeys – my sister

Come With Me, Special D – working in the pub

Harlem shake, Baaure – my old hockey club

When I was your man, Bruno Mars – an ex

Titanium (feat. Sia), David Guetta; Bulletproof, La Roux – stay strong

Star Girl, McFly, McFlydays (I still do that)

Get Low, Lil Jon – Reminds me of my other bestie and our times in 53

Mr. Brightside, the killers – another ex

That Kiss, The courteeners – a kiss

I knew you were trouble and We are never ever getting back together, Taylor Swift – an ex (can you see a pattern forming)

False Alarm, Matoma; Quit, Cashmere Cat; No Captain, lane 8 – a boy

Any song by 5ive – Mr Smiths and the5 minuets of 5ive

Lets dance to Joy divison, the wombats – My first proper full time job

On top of the world, imagine dragons – Thor


Up until last year I’d not been to see any live music or bands for ages (see above about odd ex and live music) but over the past 12 months I’ve tried to make up for that. I’ve been to a few things now with friends and on my own (Jamie XX was on at WHP and I didn’t want to miss out so I went on my own, petrified to go alone but actually worked out very well). There’s nothing quite like the feeling when you can literally feel the bass in your chest of songs that you love. it feels like your heart is in time with the music. I have plans for this year, the weekend festival, the opera, Patrick topping, Ibiza, Amsterdam Music Festival, park life….. and next year I want to add the Miami Music festival to my list. If I get the money for them all I’ll be taking half of the trips I want to do on my own but that’s ok, I’m a big girl, I can do this on my own. Its a shame the dogs aren’t trained service dogs, they could have come. Wait, now there’s a thought, I might still have time to do that…..lets just google how to do that

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