The art of Underestimating

I know they say Don’t judge a book by its cover but I do!!! I try not to but I do!! And I know that people do that about me. A lot.

Have you ever noticed that no one ever really tells you what they think of you truthfully, even if you ask them to? you just have to read in between what they say to you. For example “you play hockey?? You don’t look like you play hockey!” Translation: “you play hockey?? You don’t look butch and you’re not lesbian” (spoiler alert: you don’t need to be a butch and/or a lesbian to play hockey) or “you do DIY?? You don’t look like someone who could do DIY.” Translation: “you do DIY? You’re a girl and girls shouldn’t play with tools” (spoiler alert: we do play with tools, actual power tools and people who are tools too!!) or “you have tattoos? You don’t look like someone who would have tattoos” Translation: erm…I don’t actually have a Translation for that one because I really don’t know what the stereotypical tattooed person looks like. But it’s not me. apparently.

Recently I’ve been asked if people underestimate me. The answer is yes. They do. Because I look about 12. (I’m 30something btw. Really you’re 30something? You don’t look 30something!! I am. No you’re not. Yes I am, why the duck would I lie about that! Why would I choose 30something as the age to lie about when I know I look about 25ish πŸ™„) I guess the reason people underestimate me is because I let them. If they want to see a sweet smiling lady who wouldn’t say boo to a goose then let them. Just means the goose will jump higher when I do eventually shout boo!

As I’ve got older I’ve got wiser. (Ish) I have learnt that with the people who underestimate me usually come with a side of manipulation and attempts of taking advantage of the Snow White personality they’ve created for me. I wish I was Snow White. I’ve decided that Disney have a lot to answer for in life. I blame Disney for 3 things: unrealistic expectations of prince charmings, loosing your shoe at midnight proves you’re not a princess in the making you’re just bladdered and lastly singing to animals does not make them assemble a team and help you clean no matter how hard you try. I might not be a Disney princess but I’ve kissed my fair share of frogs. I’m a lot less open with who I am now because of all the frogs, my heart is no longer on my sleeve. It’s hidden. Because of all of the frogs I’m getting better at spotting the advantage takers and the manipulators. To be fair though it’s only manipulation if you’re not getting something out of it too. Sometimes I let certain people think they’re manipulating the situation when in fact I’m happy it’s going that way. It’s Just nicer to let them think they’re getting their own way. Bless 🀫

this links into the fact Im a Scorpio. (You believe in horoscopes? you don’t look like the type of person to believe in those! 🀨) Now I know not everyone believes in the mumbo jumbo shite however I do. If you go through the traits of my sign Im a typical Scorpio; loyal, passionate, creative, manipulative, ambitious, competitive, intuitive, jealous, secretive and despite being a nice person I have quite a nasty sting in my tail when I’m crossed. I have been known to strike the match, add lighter fluid and watch with a smile the bridge I’ve just crossed burn. In these cases it’s good that I’m underestimated, as they don’t see it coming! It makes it more fun. Actually on reflection when you read the traits of a Scorpio they’re not the most endearing of qualities. Ah well, I guess it’s Good job I have a sweet smile, I’m underestimated by most and could give our Snow White a run for her money.

Now that reminds me, where did I loose my shoe I had it on before I started drinking. I wonder if I start singing the woodland creatures will help me find it…?

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  1. I know some pretty hockey players, a few soccer players, too. But, there are plenty more who ARE rather butch, manly or chopped up enough to be lesbians. It’s like finding a pretty cage fighter. I doubt the prettiest girls want to risk their faces like that, even if they wear protection.

    It’s also possible “You play hockey?” could translate into “I am not a hockey fan; so I have nothing good to say right now.” Because that would be my excuse. πŸ˜› hehe I could get into hockey. Just as I could have gotten into gymnastics as my first female friend liked. But, it wasn’t my cup of tea at the time; I had no strong interest. And, it’s tough to talk through a situation in which the sport you don’t like is your date’s choice to play. I’d have just as hard a time with someone who’s a soccer player (though some of those women are in fantastic shape and have great hair!). Now, find me a volleyball player like a few of those Norwegian gals from the Olympics a few years back, and we might talk. πŸ˜€ I’d chat up a water polo or baseball player, too. Basketball women are just as toned as volleyball and soccer players, but I could care less about basketball as a sport. [At least, I will/can play volleyball and water polo (though I don’t swim).]

    Scorpio. Figures. Maybe you’re Snow Black with your black leather, chains, tats and yet the infamous frosty skin with smatterings of snowflakes/freckles and ice-blue eyes that shine like diamonds in the night, the veil of raven hair that falls across your forehead.


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