We going out Out??

I do love a good night out. (To be fair I love a bad night out because it never starts as a bad night. It just kinda ends up being one) who doesn’t love staring into their two double wardrobes trying to figure out what to wear…

When I first started going out back in the day we use to go in our town at about 6 (mainly because the bouncers started work at 630 and we may not quite of had any ID) to a bar at the bottom of the town. You met all your mates out there and all the people you didn’t like were there too. Always fun. Where I’m from we were lucky all the bars you wanted to go in were on one street and all led you to the night club at the bottom. It was like following the dirty yellow brick road to the drunken emerald city!

Unlike now our local club shut at 1pm. If you lost your mates while you were having 241 cheeky vimtos or a £2 treble vodka red bull or a £4 fishbowl you were pretty much bound to find them in smiths and if not there they would have been in the taxi rank. You waited sometimes longer for a taxi than your whole night out would have been!!

Stages of a night out….

The Getting ready

Now I wasn’t one for taking all my stuff to my mates to get ready but I use to get ready and then head to my mates houses. Predrinks always helped. Especially when skint. The good thing about getting ready together was the outfit check. Can’t be all wearing the same. Although recently I went out with the girls and when we met up we looked like a random version sugar babes (they’re still together aren’t they): logo tshirts, leather/pvc skirts and thigh high boots. We called ourselves the judgmental girl band because we spend most of the night sober and people watching and being all judgy.

There’s always got to be the outfit Mirror selfie taken. I do love a good selfie. I’m no good at pouting but I do seem to have developed my own little pose for them.



Being out Out

I never use to wear a coat. Ever. Which is a bit of a shock for those that know me I’m the coldest person ever. For those that don’t know me and to understand how cold I am I bought a shawl when I was in Egypt on holiday because I felt cold. My outfit choices have been somewhat minimal on more than a few occasions. So me being cold on a night out is something to be expected the beer coat use to help a lot but as I’ve got older I feel it more. Which means between the months of November to April I always wear a coat/jacket. It’s bloody cold otherwise!!

I’m usually the last one left standing. I love dancing. I can’t do it. I have as much rhythm as a dead stick but it doesn’t stop me. A few drinks in and I’m Beyoncé. Always remember Christina Aguilar’s song dirty. When that came on after a few drinks every girl (including me) thought they were here and could dance like her!!! I’m very very glad our Nokia 3310s didn’t have cameras on them!!!

I had a habit of dropping my Nokia down the toilet. The good thing about them was you could undo them and put them on the radiator and let them dry and they’d work again. I always was confused how I managed to drop them down toilets and I found out last year on tour. Word of advice don’t put your phone in your back pocket when your drunk and go the loo. Your phone drops into the toilet that way….

Toilet mirror selfies…needs must

The morning after the night before

Ahh the hangovers. My hangovers range from still slightly tispy but actually ok to I think I’m going to die I need to write a will. And the only thing that cures a hangover is a McDonald’s. Fact. Sometimes the worst hangover I’ve had is after I’ve only had red bull and no alcohol. The sugar and caffeine come down is the worst!!

The one thing I really miss now I’m a grown up is the morning after de-brief with your mates. Going round or waking up at your friends and piecing together the night before while eating McDonald’s and vowing never to drink that much again. Then repeating the whole thing the week later.

I actually forgot how much I missed the debrief until last summer….After a long night out a Maccie’s was very much needed and some company too as I was worried my none hangover I’d woke up with would tip into a state of near death and I’d be all alone and never found and left to be eaten by my dogs. So one of my friends decided to come round and save me. They brought soured jellies and general crap food which was consumed within minutes and then We just kinda lay there festering, chatting and laughing about the night before and figuring out what we both could remember. It made me smile a lot.

There was always some form a drama that went on. Someone snogging a boy they shouldn’t have (girl code means nothing to some people) someone giving someone daggers for no reason (seriously WTF have I done) – actually I never use to wear contact lenses or glasses going out so I couldn’t see anyone at all. So it probably looked like I was giving daggers to everyone! I wasn’t. Honest. I’m sorry if you ever thought “wtf have I done?” And If you didn’t think that you probably deserved it. This all had to be discussed with everyone that was out to get their opinion.

No morning after selfies. At all. No amount of snapchat filters is helping that hell of a mess!!!

I’m not sure I’ll ever get bored of going out. I don’t think I’ll ever “grow up”. It’s fun. It might be the darkest dive in the town, you might be stuck to the floor, there might be some skank giving you evils, you might have forgotten your coat and a friend might be snogging an ex but it doesn’t matter cause the it’s the people you go out with and the memories you make while you’re there that makes the best night out.

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