The one about Valentines

Ahhh Valentine’s Day….That one day if the year that everyone who has someone “special” in their lives puts it all over Facebook/Twitter/instagram about how lucky they are to have him/her in their lives with all the presents and cards they’ve received. And all the singles are left sat crying into their brews because they are all alone in the world…..Ok, maybe that’s a slight over exaggeration of the day. Maybe in the past I was one of those social media update about how lucky I was to have someone like *blank* in my life. (Let me just check Timehop to see how daft I was) Turns out I was wrong. About any of those Facebook status. I’m actually lucky not to have *blank* in my life!!!

Don’t get me wrong I’m not a total grouch about the day the principal is cute. Telling the people you like that you do quite like them is sweet. My argument is that you should probably do that everyday though. I’m not one for big grand gestures or expensive presents. It’s the little small things like buying me food because I’m hangry to make me less of a bitch or tagging me in a stupid meme or story because you know I’d like it or sending me or make me laugh or a random text I wasn’t expecting that shows me you care.

Fun facts about St Valentine

  • He’s also the patron saint of bee keepers! (That’s more my kind of Saint)
  • There were 2 of them around the time he was chosen to be out Love Dr. But no one is sure which one it really is.
  • Because there are loads of St Valentines (popular name back in the AD 200’s) you could celebrate the day later in the year at a more reasonable price…November 3rd, January 7th, and the 6th, 25th or 30th July

One of my pet peeves about Valentine’s Day is people who propose. This goes for Easter, birthdays and Christmas too. If someone ever decides they’re daft enough to want to marry me and asks me it best not be on a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Easter or paddy’s day. These days are already taken for presents and celebrations. Pick one of the other 359 days of the year to do it in!! Don’t be using it as a cop out to not get me a present on those days. It just won’t wash!!!

I was never one of those ones in school or college that got a valentine card off a “secret” admirer. I’m still not one of those people now!! I did once though get asked out by a contractor that has been into my office to do some work. He’d gone to the trouble of contacting switch board and getting my number and ringing up. I. Was. Mortified!! Unfortunately for him I was with someone at the time so had to say no. Shame really.

I was also asked out in a traffic jam in Liverpool. I was in my mini convertible with the roof down and some bloke (very handsome and very scouse) pulled up along side me and started to talk to me. He held his side of the traffic us more because his was moving and mine wasn’t. Had to say no to him too as I was with someone then too.

I do wonder what I was doing that summer that made those things happen?? Not been able to recreate it since whatever it was!!!

This Valentine’s Day I’ll be having fish finger butties for 1 with the dogs staring at me hoping I drop some while I watch something crap on tv. And you know something I’ll be happy. I wouldn’t mind someone to Netflix and chill with mind but I’m sure I can figure something out on my own….

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