skeletons in the cupboard

I started this blog as a means to vent my thoughts and feelings. I know some of you that read this know me and we speak, some of you will be reading this and know me and we don’t speak anymore (for whatever reason), some of you know of me through someone but have never actually spoken to me and some of you haven’t got the foggiest as to who I am at all and probably don’t give a fuck too. So I’m sat here in my Batman pjs, brew in hand with the dogs fighting at my feet and I’m wondering if the people that I don’t speak to anymore or those that are being nosey wonder if I’m going to spill the beans on them……well as it happens there’s this one story about someone that I know that is actually very good and I’m sure they mind me telling you….

Haha made you look. Seriously though that’s not going to happen. I might vaguely mention something in this or refer back to something that’s happened to me or a situation I’ve been in but secrets are secrets for a reason. Things shared in confidences just that. Everyone lies and has secrets. And if your sat in a room over the way from your significant other thinking “but they never hide anything from me, were honest about everything…” Bollox. Everyone had a secret or two (or several depending on the person). Not everyone tells everyone everything. And no one is honest all the time. There’s a bloody good reason for that too!!

Common lies:

Lie: Awww your baby is so cute!

Truth: a face only a mother could love

Lie: Oh yeah it fine, I don’t mind sharing my food.

Truth: I’m going to stab you with my fork if you try it again.

Lie: Sorry I’ve got no change on me.

Truth: I’ve got change I’m just got giving it to you.

Lie: Sorry I missed your call my phone was on silent.

Truth: I ignored your call because I was to busy on social media

Lie: what? No!! of course I don’t find them attractive!!!

Truth: What?? You’re telling me you can’t see they’re attractive!!??

Lie: Sorry I thought I’d replied.

Truth: I read it but I’m rude and don’t reply

Lie: I love you.

Truth: I don’t love you but that’s harder to say.

Lie: I’m happy.

Truth: I’m not happy but that’s harder to say

Lie: I don’t know what I want.

Truth: I do know what I want I’m just a bit to scared to admit it out loud.

We lie to protect people, we keep secrets to protect ourselves. People are fickle and judgmental. And no one likes being judged.

The thing with a blog is it’s not like Instagram stories or snapchat or Facebook where you can see your biggest social media stalker by looking at the list of people who have viewed the post (Which is an interesting I’ll tell you….) you can see the number of views and countries people are looking at the blog from. I would never put in here anything that I wouldn’t want sharing in a public forum. Because what’s more public than t’interweb???

My Facebook is super private, if you’re on mine consider that as if invite you in for a brew if you stopped by. My instagram is not. Instagram is for photos and sharing photos. I don’t have anything on there I want or need to hide from people. I’ve recently learnt that just because you’re not being directly followed on instagram doesn’t mean they’re not “following you”. My account is public and it always has been, I don’t put anything private on there (all those things are stored in my phone). So if your searching in here for some juicy gossip or any hint of something you might want to answer to you’re not going to find it.

Don’t get me wrong if I could do something like gossip girl did and dish out information and it not come back on my it would be very tempting. Just be drop well placed grenades in carefully timed scenarios would be to good to miss. don’t be all horrified at me saying that because you know you would if you could. Why do you think that program was so popular???!?

For those who either don’t like me or know me through someone that might be reading this. Hello! I see you! I’m actually doing really well. Thanks for checking in. I do think I about you now and again but it’s not few and it’s very fleeting, I blink and you’re gone. Sorry if that’s not what you want to hear. Some of you I don’t even think about (well up until this point I didn’t anyway)

But Unfortunately for me I don’t have access to the most scandalous stories.

And some of you know who I am so it’s not much of a secret.

But you know you love me


11 thoughts on “skeletons in the cupboard

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  1. So, when you say you’re a combination of Amy Schumer, Russell Brand and Rebel Wilson, is that just the bluntness and foul-mouthed parts and none of the charm or humor?


      1. Well, maybe you have some of the warmth or charm of Andi MacDowell or an Elizabeth Hurley as you bear a slight resemblance. [I would say you look more like Alexis Bledel of Gilmore Girls; you have the eyes, at least, but I have even less idea about her personality.]

        Do you always blog/interact online in your lingerie? 😀


      2. Yes, Elizabeth Hurley, especially. 🙂

        You do? Well, I can’t think of his name at the moment, but he’s a famous writer/director who does his best work in one of the ten or so showers he takes daily (however that works). So, whatever works for ya. Just don’t catch a cold or stumble into anything hazardous. [But, does the whole world need to see you in your underwear? 🙂 What kind of attention do you want here?]


      3. You’ve lost me now…..I’ve not put any pictures of my in my underwear on here Or anywhere on the internet. Not that I know of or done myself anyway… which photos do you mean??


      4. Sooo then that’s just a revealing black camisole you are displaying with your icy blue gaze and red lips? Not a slip or teddy of some kind?

        The only photo I think you have on this blog (other than whatever type of Instagram-ish links you may have). It appears where you comment (obviously).


      5. All the kids, ay? 😛 And, you are one of my high school graduating class’ tall, lean girls who wore such skimpy tops to school as if it wasn’t revealing, paired with maybe baggy jeans and a set of those red suspenders some gals wore in the 80s/90s to look hip?

        I honestly don’t know why I even got started on this topic. I shouldn’t say anything; it’s yer prerogative.


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