Love is…

I’m currently slightly obsessed with gossip girl. (Yes yes yes I know I’m 10 years behind everyone else, I don’t like being rushed)

I have no idea what will actually happen to Chuck and Blair but I love them. (Ive just started on season 4 so I’d appreciate no spoilers as this is the 5-6th time they’ve broken up). I think I love them the most because they still love each other despite their flaws and they’re drawn to each other (I know it’s not real but it’s a nice thought) they’d do anything for the other one to be happy even if it meant they weren’t happy themselves.

Made me start to think…… and I might not know much about what love is but I do know a lot about what love is not….

Love Is not derogatory nor judging ; Its kind and accepts differences

Love is not hiding who you are nor how you feel; its open and accepting

Love is not misery nor feeling lonely; its happiness and supportive

Love is not time served nor is it obligating; Its wanting and unrestricted

Love is not vicious nor disingenuous; its benevolent and compassionate

Love is not calculating nor deceitful; its honest and forthcoming

Love is not the abuse of power nor being controlled; Its compromises and understanding

Love is not selfish or suspicious; its being vulnerable and trusting

Love is not blind; its able to see warts and all


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