The Garden Party

Today I started project “sort the house out.” Starting with the garden. It’s a shithole. Let me paint a picture for you…..My garden is about 30m long. My ex has left me with a half dug up grassed area, a mound of dirt and some flags he took up but never actually put back were her found them. There was a perfectly good paved area at the bottom of the garden but when I was living with my ex he got in his head he wanted a man cave. And not just any man cave. He wanted an underground bunker. (There is no eye roll big or long enough to express how annoying that idea was). I told him several times I wasn’t keen about this idea however as per I wasn’t listened to (there’s a reason he’s an ex). I went to work one day and when I came home he’d got a digger man in and dug up the paving and left a pile of soil. When asked why the pile of soil was left the answer was simple. We were going to have a running water feature in the garden a bit like a stream (eye roll) for the dogs. Simarly one day I went to work and returned to find half the  flags dug up near the house. When asked why he’d done it. The answer was again simple. He was looking for a Drains for the extension he’d got plans drawn up for. The same extension I’d said I didn’t want.
He never build (or dug) his man cave out and he never put back the flags. So when he left I was left with about 10m of my garden with blue plastic and A big pile of soil.


My plan is to do my garden myself. I want a patio area and a new drive and it being turfed. I’ve been watching YouTube and I think I can do it. Actually I know I can do it (I told my friend this and they laughed at the idea, this is same friend that laughed at the idea that I’d changed all my locks in my house myself, showed them with a photo of what I’d done tho. Who’s laughing now. Ha)

So going back to today. I have managed to clear down the side of my house and cleared most of the crap that has accumulated. I’ve mowed the lawns and weeded too. As I don’t really have a patio as such currently I’ve cleared the flags so I can put my sun lounger in perfect direct sun. (It’s like a little sun trap). I’ve cleaned out the dogs swimming pool for them so they can cool off as its getting hotter and I’ve bought myself a little chiminea so when I sit out of an evening I have something to keep me warm (other than the dogs). I’m lucky because Thor likes collecting sticks so I have and endless supply of wood for it!!

I was thinking while I was doing this today some of my mates are planning babies, some of them are planning weddings and I’m here planning my garden.

So currently It’s 10pm on a Saturday night and I’m sat in my garden with a large gin, I’ve had Snoutwood Trotters sausage rolls (they’re out of this word) my new chiminea is keeping me warm, the dogs are cuddled on me and I have radio 1s Danny Howards show playing from last night. I can’t see today’s handy work anymore as it’s dark now but I’m more than happy with it. Life is good. The only way this could be slightly improved upon is if there was someone here to share this with and top my gin up. Maybe I could train the boys to do it instead……

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