Why oh why?????

This is going to be a very short rant…

Does anyone else get random people adding them at about 10pm at night on snapchat asking for naughty pictures….???

I get the bubble so-and-so is typing and it usually goes like this:

So-and-so: Hi, you on your own and want to have some fun

Me: no

So-and-so: but I’m lonely I want to see you

Me: I don’t ducking know you

So-and-so: you want a picture of me??

Me: no

So-and-so: sends picture of the part he’s most proud of

Me *screen shot*

So-and-so: oh my god you’ve screenshoted me. I feel so exposed and violated.

Me: you were exposed that’s why you ducking feel it.

So-and so: why did you do it????

Me: the group chat could do with a giggle

me: *blocked*

Honestly whatever happened to boys using babe station or red tube or just flicking through the pages of their Zoo magazines….

How many times….dick pics are not cool. We don’t get dick pics and go “oh em gee, this is a keeper, I want to marry him.”

It’s not big (usually quite literally too) and it’s not clever (using the wrong head to think with yet again).

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