The way we feel

Pain in a funny old thing

It’s comes in two forms;

Firstly there’s a physical pain; this can be quantified; 0 being none and 10 being a blunt rusty saw cutting through flesh while you’re awake.

For some this pain is pure pleasure, for others it’s shear agony.

Either way this type of pain can be managed, it can be resolved and it’s understood.

The second type of pain sits on your chest, crushes your heart and it wrenches at your gut; it’s emotional pain. The pain from grief when you’re hurting or miss someone goes beyond the scale of 0-10, it’s unexplainable, non-qualifiable.

However after a while you adjust to its presence and you manage, there are days where it fades, there are days where you’re numb and then there are days where you wish you had the rusty blade to distract you.

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