Busy Adulting…

It’s been a while since I wrote a post. I’ve been meaning to but life has just kinda got in the way!!

I’ve been doing my best to be a fully functioning adult this summer. It’s gone ok really, managed to pull it off really. To some extent.

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster really

I’ve gone from being admitted to hospital after having the worse hemiplegic migraine I’ve ever had (I lost my speech, and those that know me know how rubbish that was for me, but good for other people) to a week in Ibiza enjoying every second.

So my next few posts will be about the kitchen make over I’ve done, the patio I’ve laid on my own, the hospital admission and how rubbish it was to have one of those migraines, a wedding, a grown up day out, the dogs, figuring out what I want, the joys of being alone, more about the dogs, Ibiza, glitter, aesthetic changes, dogs, receiving some news that I just wasn’t expecting and moving on. (Fun summer eh? Especially the bit about the glitter, I mean who doesn’t love a cheek full of glitter 🍑…..)

It’s been a funny old few months…. So much has happened that probably should have changed me but yet I’m more me than I ever was before it all happened. I’ve learnt a lot about myself over the past few months, and the main thing was just how of much of myself, my time and my effort I actually gave to people without getting very much back in return. That’s stopping. It’s all about me (and the dogs) now (you need to read that last sentence and pretend I’m snapping (listen to me, snapping, ha. I’ll be spelling wordz with Zs not Ss soon…) sorry clicking my fingers in a downward Z motion and looking fierce… (I’m not sure I could look fierce if I tried tbh I look more like a sexy Mr Bean with attitude I reckon)

While I’ve not been writing on here I have been writing poems and thoughts down, not all are fun light hearted stuff though. So it’ll depend if I share those or not. Depends if I wana drag you all down to my level I guess…

Also I’m writing this like people actually are bothered they’ve not had an update as to what’s going on! How very self obsessed that is! 😂 it’s more for me to remember what to write really, like a diary reminder just more public.

So anyway ta for stopping by, I need to go hoover the glitter that’s traveled just over 1000mi to be in my house tonight.

Like I said before who doesn’t love ducking glitter!!!

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