The Old dogs need some new tricks

If I’d of been a bit more clever with the dogs I’d of taught them things like empty the washing machine, take the clean clothes upstairs, tidy their toys away, make me a brew…. OK the last one is a little ambitious even for 2 dogs that manage their own social media account but still the other 3 could of been useful.

I mean think about it, I live on my own and with the exception of a cleaner once a week it’s me doing everything. (TBH when I lived with someone it was still be doing everything I just had someone to moan at for not doing it. Now I have to moan at myself now when I don’t do it.)

Ive found myself in a bit of a reflective mood these past few weeks. In the past 7 months everything in my life has changed. Well not everything but a hell of a lot has changed.

I’ve got a new job after being in the same place for 14 years, new lips and forehead after 33 years, new gym after the same place for 3 years, new hockey club after 4 years and new hair after 5 years. Just need a new tattoo now to go with the change/transformation to make a full set (thats something I tend to do to mark an occasion or an event.)

It’s hard doing this on your own. Sometimes I just want to come home to someone that’s made me a brew and gives me a hug and asks me how my day has gone. I know I’ve got the dogs and I can honestly say they’re a large part of the reason I say (partially) sane. If they could make a brew I don’t think I’d need any ever in my life!

I know I’ve wrote about this before and I know I’m not the only single person in the world and there are a lot of people who are worse off than me and have it harder than me. Don’t get me wrong I love my life. I really do. I have a job I love, friends who means the works to me family who mean more, cousins that are like brothers and sisters. I just would like someone to be routing for me, for me to be something to someone.

I had an ex who use to walk to meet me at the end of a shift and I honestly can’t tell you how happy that use to make me to see him and us walk home together. I don’t think I ever told him that. And I should have probably told him that. Not that it would have stopped us splitting up. Cheating does that to a couple… no amount of walking me home would have fixed that!!

Think watching love island doesn’t help! All these people falling in love on an all inclusive holiday that’s free. Makes a single girl a little jealous. I’m not sure I’d do well in there tho, I’m older than them all! And I’d have no clue what they’re on about. I had no idea what a dead ting was. I thought she called her a dead tin (as in a tin can) I had to rely on my trusty WhatsApp group to clear it up for me. I’m apparently not down with the kids.

Dating in 2019 is hard. Bring back Tuesday and Thursday nights in town. Where people would speak to each other and you’d have a bit of a laugh. I had a mate who wouldn’t speak to a lad in level if he bought her a drink (all drinks in level were £1) however if he bought her 2 4 1 later on then she’d crack on with him. She was worth more than £1 apparently…..

Honestly though as much as I would love someone in my life if it never happens that’s ok too. I’m not desperate. If it arrives it does. If it doesn’t then fine. I’ve been hurt too many times before by people who were meant to love me to jump into something feet first again!

I think I need to stop watching love island and start teaching my old dogs some new tricks.

Wait a sec…



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  1. Change is hard, i’m going through the same things myself. Times have changed and everything has become digital, even conversations between people have to have some form of technology which is not making people happier its doing the opposite. it’s become a snap and share society, where people’s live move on or change just as quick. no-one fights for each other as someone better has/ will come along via an app

    The amount of soppy comments and pictures girls put on social media about Love Island is surprising. I would have thought most wouldn’t be “brainwashed” into thinking it is any more real than the fake tans and cosmetic adjustments they have. all the cast are fake or acting up for a lucrative contract, none have anything to bring to the table that doesn’t involve themselves just turning up. i just hope that most of the audience realise its “entertainment”. the real world can be seen, touched, smelt and admired with our eyes, that will last much longer than a Z listers career

    Grace, you are too far intelligent for reality TV, you would be an outcast for having too much general knowledge and life experiences to reflect on (okay, not all are good memories), but at least you can say “i did it my way”


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