Ibiza solo style

I’m on the flight home from Ibiza to Liverpool and this flight couldn’t be any more opposite to the one going. Everyone is pretty much done in and I must admit I’m no different. I’ve just spend a week in Ibiza the difference for me this this time is that I traveled as a solo traveler, not knowing anyone and with no real plan only thing I wanted to do was see Camelphat at Hii (they didn’t disappoint but we’ll get to that on another post).

I know Ive harped on about this before but as fun as being single is its hard sometimes when you want to do stuff and there’s no-one to do it with, be it gigs, walks or holidays. Ibiza is always somewhere I’ve wanted to go but no-one else has really wanted to go there. over the past few years I’ve muted the idea that I’d go on my own but I checked out and people laughed at me. last year was the first year I’ve been and it didn’t disappoint I was able to go with my sister and cousin and we had a ball. This year we planned to do the same again but one thing or another cropped up, life got in the way and no-one else was able to come. So after years of talking about going on my own I decided just to take the plunge.

This little post is about the general trip and little tips I picked up from people and what’s on offer for solo travellers. Im going to write one about the places we went separately, mainly for my memory so I don’t forget what went on!

Now Ibiza isn’t somewhere i though that people head by themselves unlike places like mainland Europe, Thailand backpacking or Australia but let me tell you I couldn’t of been more wrong. Soooooo very wrong!!! Yes there are huge groups of people on lads lads lads holidays, hen doos, stags doos and little groups of  people with their mates but I found there was equally as many people on their own too. To make sure I was stalked at sorry safe at every step of the way my beautiful little friends added me on find a friend. My mum as sister all ready stalk sorry I mean have me on there (I often forget this and my mum will ring asking how the motorway traffic is and ill be super confused but she’ll inform me that she checked the app before ringing.)

After a little bit of googling I managed to find a Facebook group of people that were heading out on their own and I also joined a few workers groups on Facebook too to see about cheap places to stay and things to do that wasn’t just clubbing (I know, I know what can I say Im cultured too). This started to give me a little bit of confidence that I wasn’t a total loon doing this and it was something people did.

I was torn about where to stay. I couldn’t find any hotel rooms for just 1 person and any that I could were so expensive and I really didn’t have the money for it. I ended up finding a hostel in San Antonio called Amistat. I’ve only ever stayed in a hostel once and that was with 5 other mates so it wasn’t bad but this was a week with 5 other strangers. However after a few reads of reviews and chatting to people on the FB I decided to book it. There are different rooms you can have a 10 bed mixed dorm for £12.65 a night, single sex female dorm with ensuite for £21 a night. They also do private rooms for 2 people that are ensuites for £75 a night. I opted for a female dorm facing the pool with breakfast included (although I only made it out of bed once for breakfast) I though “ah fuck it” (that phrase came up a few times this week). On reflection I wouldn’t get the breakfast again and save myself €6 a day and just use the lovely cafe called Cafe Hunza that’s opposite instead. The only thing I wasn’t sold on was the green pool. The colour was just a little uninviting. They did have a schedule things that the hostel were organising however we didn’t go on any of those and due to the shite weather that was forecast (bloody rain in Ibiza) a lot of stuff was cancelled in advance. 

Speaking of weather in Ibiza. One thing I did learn was that never trust the weather report. It changes literally by the second. At one point I was looking at the weather and it was saying it was raining for the next 6 hours however I was outside and I could see the moon. Not a cloud in the sky. But when it rained. It really rained. Thunder lightning and flooding in the streets. But even when it rains on Ibiza it’s still better than a night back home. I’m from up north, weather doesn’t stop us going out. We just adapt. 

So back to the Facebook group. Someone on there had created a WhatsApp group for everyone that was going and I got added to that. I’d never felt as popular in my life my phone was pinging constantly. From that a few people who were there the same dates as me set up another WhatsApp group and started to plan our week about what wanted to see what where. While this was happening I made a friend on the internet (don’t worry she was an actual real person) who was staying in the same hostel and coming out and leaving on the same day! Winner winner chicken dinner. And it turns out she was bloody lovely and such a good laugh too. [Hayley you helped to make a awesome week even more awesome.] we also made another friend off the internet who was over 30 too Andy. And just like that we became the Brit’s abroad. 

Up cropped another WhatsApp group for guest list entries which gave you a heads up as to where you could get in for a little cheaper.  This came in very handy indeed!!

As I was trying to save as much money as possible I used the buses wherever I could or shared a taxi with other people. The buses are actually really good and run all through the night. The bus station was super close to the hostel (10 min walk) and the disco bus took you to pretty much all the places you wanted to go and also took you home. It for a bit crowded at times and it was a bit sweaty but the tunes and atmosphere on it was pretty much the same as this flight – bouncing on the way out and everyone passed out on the way home. 

I think I actually lucked out a bit with the hostel because it was only full on the first day and the last day too. For the rest of it there was only me and Linda in there which was pretty good! 

Depending where you eat over there will depend on how much you spend. Cafe Mambo actually in the day time is quite reasonable for very good portions but if you found little local cafes you could get a coffee for €1.60 and a breakfast for €5. The other thing we were doing to save money was getting food from the supermarket and storing it in the kitchen of the hostel. The only issue with that was it’s not open all the time. The first night on our way home we went in search of a kebab place and took a wrong turn and stumble upon a late night supermarket we ended up getting mini cheddar and a soggy baguette. I didn’t actually eat it I passed out and woke up cradling it with one bite missing from it!!

We pre drank every day and when the drinks are €20 each it’s pretty much the only way. Some places do drinks packages which do work out ok and once or twice we split this between 2 because there was no way we were drinking 6 drinks in on sitting when we had to make sure we got to the next place on the agenda.  

The hostel check out was 11am and my flight home wasn’t until 2040 so I made use of the lockers and went for a wander. I got the bus to Ibiza town and went for an explore and then hopped on a bus to Playa d’en Bossa for another mooch. I found a place that I could store my case and bag in and they also did showers for a freshen up. I was as happy as a pig in shite about that bit cause I was bloody roasting and needed to cool down before heading to the airport. That cost €26 and Linda told me what she did last time was had an early flight and her mates were in Ushuaïa so instead of checking in and heading back she went there dumped the bags had a shower and went out. Turns out this is pretty standard. Again also very ducking handy it’s cheaper and quicker than paying for a taxi back and too. 

So the cost overall was

£65 for flights 

£151 for accommodation 

I used £900 for spends which when you say it sounds a lot however an entry to a club ranges from €20-€60 depending where you go and we went to and we went to 9 different places in total that we had to pay on the door for which is about €300 just for getting into places. 

I can honestly stay I’ve had the best time ever. And this has spurred me on more to do more things on my own. I’m already thinking about where I can go next for a little weekend away. It’ll be the place with the cheapest flight and a few hostels. I’m not letting being on my own stop me from doing anything again. 

I actually have a ticket for The Amsterdam Music Festival in October but due to a lack of funds I highly doubt I’ll be going unfortunately. That will have to wait until next year I think. Unless I come into some money between now and then….Ill just have my own little rave instead

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