Be more Dog

Sometimes I think I’m part Labrador myself I mean I love food, and going outside, I love swimming (although I don’t get chance to do it much), I’m loyal and I bloody love napping.

Im not sure if you remember that a few years ago O2 ran an add campaign that had a lovely fluffy cat saying that he needed to be more dog to m are the most out of his life. I’ve been Thinking about it and if that principle were to be used in everyday life (especially with everything thats going on at the minuet) just think of how lovely everything could be for me. I think we could all learnt a few things from a woman’s best friend and here’s how I intent to try and use my boys and their dog-like attitude to improve my own…..

  1. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING is amazing!

If you have never had the pleasure of the company of a dog then let me tell you they think everything is wonderful. They are simple creatures and appreciate the simple things; Sticks, mud, food, cuddles etc etc. the list of simple everyday things dogs find amazing is massive. They’re just in the moment, they live for now and that means they re happy with whatever they find.

So the learning from this behaviour is to just live in the moment, be happy with what and who I have around me. Life is a stick so if someone throws it I just need to chase it

2. They are really excited to see you

Even when I walk out of the room to make a brew and return about 5 minuets later the boys are super happy to see me and show it. It’s like you’ve been gone for days and they’re your own personal welcoming party. I mean how many creatures would be happy what you shut them in the boot and when you opened it they are just as happy to see you then as they were when you were putting them in? I’m pretty sure a human wouldn’t be as happy

I know as a human life isn’t always exciting and fun and putting this into practice might take a bit more effort than the rest but I guess if I see someone I care about or am happy to interact with them then I should make the effort. Listen to them or just smile in a way that conveys I’m glad I’ve seen you today. I think I may even extend this one to hugging

*shudders* N. B I’m not much of a hugger but apparently its good for you so I have to do it more Ive been told

3. They are always up for an adventure or to do something

I can say to the boys ‘do you want to…….’ and they start jumping up and around and wagging their tails. The end of the sentence can be “watch Dr Who” or “give your mum a cuddle” or “help me tidy up” (I say that last one to them but in all fairness they don’t help they sully pull all of their toys out in an effort to play and distract me from cleaning). Telling a dog your good news is the best way to feel great about your good news, try it, their ready to party with you.

This one is getting easier for me, well it was before the world became cover-19 mad and everything is being locked down. Getting myself out there more often and doing things I wouldn’t normally do like solo trips abroad or to gigs on my own.

4. They know when to avoid people who are mean.

Well not all people who are mean but research has proven that if someone doesn’t help their owner when needed the dog dislikes them and ‘snubs’ them. They also can sense when someone is lying too. They are able to pick up on social cues and can sense when something is ‘off’ with a certain situation.

This is something I really really need to harness. I sometimes think I’m part Labrador because I’m so loyal even when the situation suggests I probably should be collecting my squeaky tennis ball and hightailing it out of there. TBH I can sense when stuff is off or people are shits I just have ignored it in the past. From now on no more, be more dog!!

5. They listen

Well I think they listen, Thor often head tilts when I’m telling him about my day and Loki often offers me his paw if I’m sad about something I’m telling them. Granted they haven’t got a baldy clue what I’m on about but they act like they’re listening and even though they don’t understand the words they understand my behaviour or posture. I can only imagine when I’m chatting away to them the head tilt is because the internal though is ‘hoooman I have no idea what you’re saying, you’ve not mentioned food or walk or play but you look and sound happy so I will be happy too as I am happy when you are happy, here’s my squeaky ball to show you I’m happy too”

I talk A LOT and sometimes I might not listen as well as I should have or I’ve been distracted by something as someone is talking to me so I’ve missed bits. I have the attention span of a gnat though and I’m really working on this. Ive been helped in getting better at this by getting some of the noise and spaghetti out of my head and onto paper (or screen) so if I carry on practising my head tilts when someone is talking and observe body language I should get better and better at this.

So first things first who fancies picking me up so I can stick my head out of a window when driving along to feel the wind in my face….? Noone? Oh, OK, nap time it is then

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