Little Red and the Big Bad wolf

Gather around for a tale

Filled with lies and deceit

Of how little Red Riding hood

And the big bad wolf really came to be……..

The wolf knew of Red’s plights

He had watched from afar

And came to the conclusion

She was a meal of 5 five stars.

He knew she searched for love

in all of the wrong places,

This would take something special

And he’d have to win her in stages.

So he wore a mask of grandma,

A costume, a dupe.

And fed her with words and lines

So In he could swoop.

Now Red, she was cautious

Of this wolf in a mask,

She could see it wasn’t grandma

But she just didn’t ask.

She listened and pondered

To his stories and words,

And found herself falling

For all the wolf’s verbs.

Remember, the wolf wanted a meal

And Red looked so promising

She was soft and tender

And in front of him blossoming.

The wolf plotted and planned

Of how he’d make his move,

However when he sunk his teeth in

He just couldn’t do it.

You see the wolf had a heart

And realised for Red it was beating,

And Because he struck now

They were both left bleeding.

The wolf had a choice to make,

and this wasn’t easy,

He had no idea

That he’d end up loving Red so freely.

The choice was Little Red Riding Hood

And all she had become

Or loosen his bite

And then off he could run.

So he thought and he pondered

And he thought some more

he decided to shed the costume

And cast it to the floor.

He ran, and he ran

Far away from Little Red.

And he did all that he could

To forget what he’d said.

Now Red knew Wolf wasn’t grandma,

So she wasn’t surprised

When the Wolf fled from her

After he’d bit her and shed his disguise.

But what Red felt was grief

And Sorrow and pain.

That she’d opened her heart up

And been let down once again.

By a Wolf she could see

Was clearly not grandma.

However this time she was sure

That this would go far.

So Red ran to the Huntsman

For comfort and safety

And here started the story

Of how he had saved her.

From the jaws of a wolf

He had wrestled her free

And now she stood by him

Safe as could be.

However the Wolf never forgot

And neither did Red

Of their brief time together

And how much it meant.

And Every so often

The Wolf would start creeping

To check on Red

And how she was keeping.

Red carried on,

And so did her life.

But she never forgot the wolf

In grandma’s disguise.

All of his words,

His promises, his plans.

His stories and tales

And the bite from his fangs.

That wound cut so deep,

The pain she concealed

Red’s walls were back up

Worried it wouldn’t heal.

However on clear cloudless nights,

When the moon shone bright and full,

Unbeknown to each other

They would both look up

To marvel in her beauty

Under the same sky

And for a split second Red swore

She could here the Wolf’s faint distant cry.

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