Tattoos; the marmite of skin

So tattoos, they’re a bit like marmite. some people love them some people hate them. Me, I’m a lover. (And marmite too, love that stuff) Of them on me, of them on others, of them on anything they can fit on. The backstories behind them if they mean something and the ones that people just choose because they like the art. I love them all. Even the tramp stamp one I have on my back. It was my very first one I got. I drew it. I designed it. I was 17. I was the happiest person ever. My dad took me for my first one and I became hooked ever since. Read More

You really Should read this if you want to…..

So the “this is what you should do now you’re single” brigade has been out in full force again recently! I know people mean well when they start saying stuff like “you’ll find someone one day” or “you’ve just not met the right person yet” no shit Sherlock because if either of those two things were correct I wouldn’t be cuddled up under two duvets trying to keep warm on a freezing cold night. I’d have a second body to heat my ice cold feet up on and backward snuggle! (Can’t be doing front facing sleeping cuddles I only need my feet to stay warm not melt the rest of me!)

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A time before social media…

So snapchat has had an update and the world has lost its mind!!!! To be honest I’ve never really understood snapchat the filters are good but if you’re chatting on there you just forget what’s been said because it disappears!!! I’ve always just thought that snapchat is for those people who are speaking but probably shouldn’t be because it just disappears like it never existed!!! But maybe that says more about me for thinking that….!!!

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Not my reflection

Standing in front of the mirror, I don’t recognise who I see, I’m looking closely at the reflection, I see it, but it’s not me.

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The one about Valentines

Ahhh Valentine’s Day….That one day if the year that everyone who has someone “special” in their lives puts it all over Facebook/Twitter/instagram about how lucky they are to have him/her in their lives with all the presents and cards they’ve received. And all the singles are left sat crying into their brews because they are all alone in the world….. Read More

The peanut butter trick

Those that have dogs know the woes of bathing. Mine love water but hate baths. Go figure. I recently saw a Facebook video of how to get around this so I thought I’d film myself trying it…..

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A glimpse into my head

My head is sooo full of stuff. Just lots and lots of stuff. It’s like wading through treacle. I think if it was projected onto a big screen it would look like some kind of happy optimistic world full of colour, music and unicorns. Where everything didn’t match (on purpose) and things just whirled around like little hurricanes. But lurking in corners are dark little pockets within it where only I can go. Read More

Just keep swimming

So….. it’s Time to Talk day. Which is a day aimed at making people talk about mental health. Because that (along with sex and other things we do everyday) is a thing people don’t openly talk about. Even though we should.

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We going out Out??

I do love a good night out. (To be fair I love a bad night out because it never starts as a bad night. It just kinda ends up being one) who doesn’t love staring into their two double wardrobes trying to figure out what to wear…

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The hardest goodbye

12 months ago today I went to see my granddad. We sat and chatted, I told him about work and the dogs and other bits and bobs. When I was leaving I gave him a hug, told him I loved him and started to cry. He told me not to worry and he’d be ok. He smiled a big beaming smile and gave me the double thumbs up like he always did to say he was ok. I told him to take care and said goodbye and went home.

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