The one about Valentines

Ahhh Valentine's Day....That one day if the year that everyone who has someone "special" in their lives puts it all over Facebook/Twitter/instagram about how lucky they are to have him/her in their lives with all the presents and cards they've received. And all the singles are left sat crying into their brews because they are... Continue Reading →

The peanut butter trick

Those that have dogs know the woes of bathing. Mine love water but hate baths. Go figure. I recently saw a Facebook video of how to get around this so I thought I'd film myself trying it..... An idea of how filthy they were. Thor decided to jump in a mud bath just before we... Continue Reading →

A glimpse into my head

My head is sooo full of stuff. Just lots and lots of stuff. It's like wading through treacle. I think if it was projected onto a big screen it would look like some kind of happy optimistic world full of colour, music and unicorns. Where everything didn't match (on purpose) and things just whirled around... Continue Reading →

We going out Out??

I do love a good night out. (To be fair I love a bad night out because it never starts as a bad night. It just kinda ends up being one) who doesn't love staring into their two double wardrobes trying to figure out what to wear... When I first started going out back in... Continue Reading →

Music On, world off

Everyone has songs that remind them of something or someone. They remind us of good things, bad things and all the bits in-between. I don't trust anyone that says they don't like music, they're just plain weird if you ask me. My ex use to say that he "didn't believe in live music" like it was... Continue Reading →

The Crazy Dog Lady

How to be a crazy dog lady in 3 simple steps. 1) Get a dog 2) Get a second dog 3) Get above mentioned dogs tattooed on your thigh wearing hats and a monocle with one smoking a cigar Transformation complete!! We were never aloud a dog growing up. My parents always worked full time... Continue Reading →

The Boys

Just some pictures of the two things that make me smile the most.... Thor is on the left and Loki on the right  I always try and sit them this way on pictures and they know now which side is theirs!!! The video is Thor barking at Loki because Loki wouldn’t join him on the... Continue Reading →

All grown up, well kinda

I don’t know about you when I was younger I always thought that by the time you got to being 30 you were some how you were grown up, all your shit would be sorted and you knew what you wanted and where you wanted to be. Turns out I was wrong!! Massively wrong. I’ve... Continue Reading →

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